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    Change Your State and Lose Weight

    Last updated 26 days ago

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    I know, the title sounds like I suggest that you move out of town to another part of the country to lose weight. (Not a real practical or workable idea anyway.)

    So, what do I mean by "change your state"?

    One of the main reasons why people eat comfort foods is to feel better about themselves. It makes you feel better at the time.

    Food is like a drug. It changes how you feel — just like a drug does. In hypnotism, we call this "changing your state".

    Now you can change your state a number of different ways! You can:

    • Take a powerful narcotic.
    • Read a good book.
    • Watch a funny movie.
    • Eat an apple pie with vanilla bean ice cream!


    Of course, that last one is no good because you'll just kick yourself for doing it, rationalize that the diet you're on isn't working and, well, "...what the heck?  Since I blew that diet I might as well eat more!"


    But, what if you can change your state without using food or drugs? What if you can change how you feel about yourself at the time with hypnosis?

    That's what you'll learn in the Get Thin—Be Happy Weight Loss Program at  Plymouth Hypnosis Center! Call now for your free screening appointment: 610-397-1515.

    Remember, there IS no dieting at Plymouth Hypnosis!

    As always, results may vary.

    But, I Only Eat One Meal a DAY...!

    Last updated 1 month ago

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    "But, I only eat one meal a day!" I hear that time-after-time, day-after-day.

    People come to my office to see this Hypnotist—just outside Philadelphia—to lose weight.

    And, they are just incredulous about the fact that they eat — on the average — one meal a day... and they keep gaining weight!

    How is that possible?!

    Well, if you think about it, this is very easy to understand. Your body is very, very smart. It knows how to regulate itself.

    So imagine that you are feeding your body less food. What does your body do to cope and survive? It lowers your metabolism!

    Now, it doesn't need as much food. But, do you lose the weight? No. So what do you do next?

    You eat less.  And your body lowers your metabolism—again!! And, again, you eat less...

    Get it? Your body thinks it is really starving and it slows everything down. It also stores it's energy reserves as FAT!

    So what happens when you get off this eating pattern? Well, since your metabolism is at a snail's pace and you start eating more food, what does your smart body do?

    It takes all that food you are now eating and stores it in its fat reserves and — you guessed it —  you gain more weight!

    Isn't that just ridiculous?

    Aren't you tired of that yo-yo routine?

    Get smart and lose that weight Call me now.

    As always, results may vary.


    Last updated 1 month ago

    Is Self-Hypnosis Dangerous?

    We are ALL hypnotized almost all of the time! It’s true…

    • Have you ever driven your car and missed your exit or street because you’re thinking of other things? That’s hypnosis.

    • Ever read a book… only to realize that for the past six pages you were “somewhere else”? That’s hypnosis.

    • Remember daydreaming in school? (Yes, you do!) That’s a deep hypnotic trance—in fact, you’re usually hallucinating while daydreaming.

    All hypnosis…!

    And, in those instances you are not in a dangerous state of mind, right? You didn’t careen off a bridge while driving. You stopped at all the red lights… all while in a hypnotic state!

    Realize that all hypnosis is self-hypnosis. When you are hypnotized by a professional, the hypnotist is just telling you the steps to take, “Take a deep breathe…”, etc. And, you are just following the steps!

    Hypnosis is 100 percent safe; there are NO side effects. None. Zip. You aren’t in some “daze” afterwards. In fact, you are usually more awake and aware than before your hypnosis session.

    And, you won’t do anything against your will. Contrary to what people think, you are never out of control. Ever. You have complete control during your hypnosis session, not the hypnotist.

    Quite the myth-buster, isn’t it?

    Does Hypnotism Work?

    I get this question all the time! “Does hypnosis really work?!”

    And, the answer is, of course, YES! And the hypnosis works because you want it to work, not because someone is “doing something” to you. (YOU have the control while being hypnotized.)

    As a professional clinical hypnotist, I can say that when something doesn’t work for a client I can usually pinpoint the reason to one of two:

    1. They didn’t want to make the changes in the first place (someone is pushing them to quit smoking, for instance).

    2. They didn’t listen to me. It’s like taking piano lessons, not practicing, and wondering why you can’t play the piano!

    For hypnosis to work, the client must want to change and must be willing to do what is necessary to make those changes.

    For more Hypnosis Facts, visit our Hypnosis FAQ section!

    How Hypnosis Can Help Dissociate Pain, Grief, and Sadness

    Last updated 2 months ago

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    Lately, I have been helping many people with getting over the loss of a loved one. Grief. It's tough to handle and if you are handling this alone, it's even worse. What most people don't know is that hypnotism is excellent in helping you get over the pain of grieving. So, How Does This Actually Work?

    In hypnosis and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), we talk about association and disassociation. When you are associated to a thought, it can overpower you. So, what if you can learn to  disassociate from the pain of grieving? That would be amazing.

    At  Plymouth Hypnosis Center, what I do is help you "move away" or disassociate from the pain — as if it were a movie, for instance. If the thoughts aren't happening to YOU, and instead, you are experiencing this as if you were watching a movie, then the feelings become less intense. You've disassociated with the grief.

    One of the questions I usually get, however, is "Can you make me forget...?" And, the answer is: No.

    Aside from the fact that you can't remove memories with hypnotism (contrary to what you see on TV and the movies), you really wouldn't want to remove those memories, right?

    But, what I  can do is  help you turn down the "volume" of those thoughts — so you can cope with them and get on with life.

    And, once you've turned down the "volume" and disassociated from those powerful thoughts, you'll feel better, think more clearly and be able to live again.

    The memories will still be intact; they just won't overpower you.

    Lastly, I will teach you how to distort time. Since they say, "Time heals all wounds", what if you learned how to make time fly... so that it feels like months or even years later. The pain diminishes even more.

    If you need help in getting over a grieving process, call me at 610-397-1515 and we'll talk in a free consultation. It'll take about 40 minutes.

    Call me at  610-397-1515 and we'll talk.




    Learn How To Overcome a Painful Break-Up

    Last updated 2 months ago

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    If you have to stop seeing someone who you really like and care about, breaking up with that person is hard to do. Learning how to heal a broken heart is very important to our emotional health and to our ability to return to enjoying life. Often, we have no choice but never see one other again, and it's worth knowing how to get over those break ups and continue to move forward with our lives. A Few Good Steps To Take After You Break Up

    • Try not to imagine that you and your ex-partner will get back together. You must demonstrate strength and reluctance in letting those thoughts get into your head. Being strong now will most certainly pay off in the future. (Hypnosis is great for this!)
    • People usually only think of the "good times". Reminiscing on the wonderful times that you and your ex had while you were together does nothing good for you; it only aggravates your pain and prolong your recovery.
    • "One-itus" (When you think that your ex was one-of-a-kind person.) No matter how special he or she was, your next relationship will be special in its own, unique way—this is just the reality of how it works.
    • Reframe the break-up as an opportunity to learn how to deal with such experiences and become a stronger and better person. (I always learn something from each relationship.)
    • Your lost relationship was not a waste of time. You had great times (and not so great times) for as long as it lasted and don't forget that some things are probably just not meant to last. There is no insurance against breaking up whether you have been together for a month or for 20 years.
    • Have you made certain mistakes in your recent relationship? Learn from those mistakes and make sure that you don't make the same mistakes in the future.
    • Lastly, just live. Pursue your professional and social goals and don't leave much space for boredom in your life.

    Breaking up can be a positive experience if you allow it to be. It can make you grow and become a stronger and a more attractive person. Make sure you take advantage this time.

    And, it is important that you remember that the pain of breaking up is a feeling and it will not go away overnight. If you need help in reducing that horrible feeling, try hypnosis. It works amazingly well! Call me at 610-397-1515 and we'll talk.




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