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    Does Hypnosis REALLY Work?

    Last updated 23 days ago

    HYPNOSIS EXPLAINED – The Truth About Hypnotic Myths & Misconceptions

    Last updated 1 month ago

    HYPNOSIS EXPLAINED • How To Reduce Your Stress And Relax Naturally

    Last updated 2 months ago


    One of the most common questions we get at Plymouth Hypnosis is, “Can you help me with my STRESS?!”

    Anger issues!

    Daily stress!

    Family stress!

    Work stress!

    Stress is one of the top contributors to failing health. If you can’t sleep (a top result of stress) your body can’t regenerate and fix itself.

    Stress causes high blood pressure, premature aging, memory loss, anger issues… it’s not good.

    That said, everyone has stress. You NEED some kind of stress—good stress—in your life just to function or you wouldn’t get anything done.

    But, it’s the  REAL stress… the stress that kills that you need to learn to manage… and  HYPNOSIS is perfect for that!

    You see, hypnosis is naturally stress-reducing. Like meditation, it allows the mind to calm down and the body to relax.

    Many people, after a hypnosis session, say it feels like they just took a wonderful, relaxing nap.

    And, unlike the drugs people take for stress, hypnosis is 100 percent SAFE with NO side-effects.

    Now, if you are on any medication for stress, talk to your doctor before making any changes. That’s important.

    So, to manage that  STRESS in your life, I know hypnosis will work for you!

    Call me and we’ll talk!

    Also, for more information about what hypnosis really IS and what it ISN’T there’s a form on this page to get my free ebook, All About Hypnosis!

    And, share this post with your Friends on Facebook or Twitter!

    I’m Bryan Toder with Plymouth Hypnosis Center.

    See you soon…!


    Your Weight Loss Is Like The High Gas Prices

    Last updated 4 months ago

    A few weeks ago a client came in asking about dieting. In my book, Get Thin—Be Happy, the Six Easy Steps to Weight Loss Success, I explain why that’s not such a great strategy.

    So, I was thinking about the current gas situation with its high prices. Think about this: Pretend that prices at the pump are so very high that you could only afford to put in just a little bit of gas in your tank. Just enough to get by. Well, do you think you’d be making those unnecessary trips to the mall? Zooming along at high speeds on the highway? Cruising around town? Nope! Probably not! You would just take necessary trips. Nothing to waste the gas.

    Your body is like your car. If you reduce the fuel intake (see where I’m going with this?) and you eat less food, your body will lower its metabolism and slow down. It burns less fuel. No “unnecessary trips”, if you know what I mean. So, remember to eat. At least three meals a day. No skipping meals! (It’s in the book.) Put fuel in your tank and watch your metabolism rise!


    What Is The Difference Between Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy?

    Last updated 5 months ago

    Hypnosis vs Hypnotherapy

    This is really just a matter of semantics, but here is my explanation:
    First, there is Hypnotism, which is the art of doing the hypnosis. As a hypnotist, I am in the business of “hypnotism”, not “hypnosis”.
    Hypnosis is the state of being hypnotized. When someone is “in” hypnosis, they are hypnotized.
    Hypnotherapy is the business of hypnotizing people.
    Personally, I don’t like the term “hypnotherapy” since most hypnotists are not therapists. I do not call myself a “hypnotherapist”; I am a “hypnotist”. In fact, I had my official certification changed from “Certified Hypnotherapist” to “Certified Hypnotist” because I do not do therapy in my practice.

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