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"WOW, where do I begin?"

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  • WOW, where do I begin? I was a smoker for 15 years. I loved smoking, it in a sense became part of my identity.I did try to quit every way possible: patch, gum, chantix, cold turkey & Wellbutrin (which only made me a happy and i FAILED all of them. I heard from various people how hypnosis worked for them to stop smoking, and these were people that were not "selling hypnosis" but rather just regular people sharing their success story. However, despite all the success stories it took me about a year and half to finally decide to go threw with it. I finally picked up the phone and called Plymouth Hypnosis and spoke with Brian, we set the Free consultation apt. I knew after that apt I was ready to quit and very excited and I made my official quit smoking apt. July 12, 2012 was my first hypnosis appointment and let me tell you I was excited and nervous. I couldnt really imagine what my life would be like without cigarettes. My cigs were my ride or die...they were always there. But I did not let that nervousness get the better of me. Its a hard thing to explain but after that FIRST session I walked out of the building a NON-SMOKER...i just didnt realize it yet. I thought about a cigarette but guess what I did not have a single urge or craving. Everytime I thought to myself "a cig would be great right now" I took a deep breath and the thought totally left my mind. But I was still worried bc I had a weekend down in Atlantic City planned that weekend. I thought to myself, "Great I don't think i'll be one of the people who are smoke free after one session, Brian is going to have to re-hypnotize me again". But I did not pick up, or even want a cigarette the entire weekend, despite drinking and being around smokers. Its like I was never a smoker. Smoke neither bothers me or makes me want to smoke, it doesn't effect me in anyway. All my triggers (smokers you know what triggers I'm talking about...) are non existent. I don't need a cig after I eat or drink, don't need to smoke when I'm in car, stressed, or around other smokers. I am going on 3 weeks now and still totally smoke free! Brian @ Plymouth Hypnosis has completely changed my life. I feel amazing, full of energy, I don't smell like smoke or taste like an ashtray. I also purchased Brian's book Be Thin and Be Happy which is a great book and helped be obtain knowledge to lose a pound or two the non-diet way. (I strongly recommend it) I have non stop been telling people how Brian and hypnosis has completely changed my life. I STRONGLY RECOMMEND PLYMOUTH HYPNOSIS TO PEOPLE!!!

    Kay Lena


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